Give Them Christ: Native Agency in the Evangelization of Puerto Rico, 1900 to 1917

The scholarship on the history of Protestant missions to Puerto Rico after the Spanish American War of 1898 emphasizes the Americanizing tendencies of the missionaries in the construction of the new Puerto Rican.

The Culture History of a Puerto Rican Sugar Cane Plantation 1876-1949

The present article is an attempt to combine the analysis of historical documents with the use of data from aged informants for purposes of historical reconstruction.

Espiritismo:The Flywheel of the Puerto Rican Spiritual Traditions

by Edil Torres Rivera, University of Florida, Gainesville, USA Abstract Espiritismo (spiritism) is a wide-spread religious practice among Puerto Ricans in Puerto Rico and Puerto Ricans in the United States. Espiritismo has been found…

Bound to History: Leoncia Lasalle’s Slave Narrative from Moca, Puerto Rico, 1945

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by Ellen Fernandez-Sacco, Independent Scholar, Tampa, FL 33618, USA Download PDF Link to source Abstract The only slave narrative from Puerto Rico is included in Luis Diaz Soler’s Historia de la esclavitud negra en…