War Against All Puerto Ricans

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The powerful, untold story of the 1950 revolution in Puerto Rico and the long history of U.S. intervention on the island, that the New York Times says “could not be more timely.”

Preserving Identity: Puerto Rican Shift from Catholicism to Pentecostalism

Ramón Ortiz discusses how Puerto Ricans have struggled to maintain their identity, culture, heritage in the midst of New York City Catholicism which often viewed the newly arrived Catholic Puerto Ricans as inferior and in need of evangelizing.

The First Birth Control Pill Used Puerto Rican Women as Guinea Pigs

Eugenics and unethical clinical trials are part of the pill’s legacy.

Herstory: 10 Puerto Rican Women Kept Out of History Books

Latinas in the U.S. come from a long line of influential, barrier-breaking, rebel Latin American women. Through Remezcla’s Herstory series, we introduce readers to the women warriors and pioneers whose legacies we carry on.

In Puerto Rico, Women Won the Vote in a Bittersweet Game of Colonial Politics

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Puertorriqueñas’ fight for suffrage shaped by class, colonialism and racism—but even today, island residents cannot vote for president

Cafecito con William D. Caballero: Big Stories with Small Figures

Filmmaker William D. Caballero and Dr. Jillian M. Báez discuss William’s 2017 short film Chilly & Milly, which explores the director’s own experiences with his chronically ill father and his mother’s role as his eternal caretaker.

Ancient DNA reconstructs the genetic legacies of pre-contact Puerto Rico communities 

September 2019 Abstract Indigenous peoples have occupied the island of Puerto Rico since at least 3000 B.C. Due to the demographic shifts that occurred after European contact, the origin(s) of these ancient populations, and their genetic…

Anthropological genetic insights on Caribbean population history

By Maria Alejandra Nieves Colon, University of Minnesota Twin Cities Abstract As the last American region settled by humans, yet the first to experience European colonization, the Caribbean islands have a complex history characterized…

An Ancient Ceiba Tree Blooms Once Again After Puerto Rico’s Devastating Storms

BY ALEXANDER C. KAUFMAN, MARCH 6, 2019 The island of Vieques is still struggling after the hurricanes of 2017, but its most famous tree offers hope. It’s been a year and a half since hurricanes Irma and Maria pummeled Vieques,…
This is an image of a petroglyph, or rock carving in Ceiba, Puerto Rico. It sits beside the shore of Ensenada Honda (Deep Cove).

What Became of the Taíno?

Robert M. Poole October 2011 The Indians who greeted Columbus were long believed to have died out. But a journalist’s search for their descendants turned up surprising results If you have ever paddled a canoe, napped in a hammock,…