Puerto Rico’s Economic Crisis Timeline

Since 2006 Puerto Rico has been facing an unprecedented economic and fiscal crisis that shows little signs of ending or abating in the foreseeable future.

How Is Colonialism a Sociostructural Determinant of Health in Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico has been experiencing a public health crisis since the 1990s, driven by limited resource allocation for preventive health care for residents of Puerto Rico, austerity policies in response to a massive debt crisis, and primary care privatization.

Disrupters:Three Women of Color Tell Their Stories

This essay is an amplified version of the presentation we made at the 7th Biennial Seneca Falls Dialogues. Our aim is to story back into the world our first experiences and motivations for investing in suffrage and democratic activism.

Puerto Rico and PROMESA: Reaffirming Colonialism

With this dramatic announcement, Governor Alejandro García Padilla transformed the island nation’s long-simmering debt overhang problem into an international spectacle.

War Against All Puerto Ricans

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The powerful, untold story of the 1950 revolution in Puerto Rico and the long history of U.S. intervention on the island, that the New York Times says “could not be more timely.”

Preserving Identity: Puerto Rican Shift from Catholicism to Pentecostalism

Ramón Ortiz discusses how Puerto Ricans have struggled to maintain their identity, culture, heritage in the midst of New York City Catholicism which often viewed the newly arrived Catholic Puerto Ricans as inferior and in need of evangelizing.

The Puerto Rican Diaspora to the United States: A Postcolonial Migration? (2009)

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In 1953, the General Assembly of the United Nations removed Puerto Rico from its list of "non-self-governing territories." However, the exact nature of the relationship between Puerto Rico and the United States has been intensely disputed since the creation of the Commonwealth.

The First Birth Control Pill Used Puerto Rican Women as Guinea Pigs

Eugenics and unethical clinical trials are part of the pill’s legacy.

Herstory: 10 Puerto Rican Women Kept Out of History Books

Latinas in the U.S. come from a long line of influential, barrier-breaking, rebel Latin American women. Through Remezcla’s Herstory series, we introduce readers to the women warriors and pioneers whose legacies we carry on.

In Puerto Rico, Women Won the Vote in a Bittersweet Game of Colonial Politics

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Puertorriqueñas’ fight for suffrage shaped by class, colonialism and racism—but even today, island residents cannot vote for president